Masaharu Kobashi

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This paper describes a new knowledge-based procedure for identifying and extracting organs from normal CT imagery. Our procedure differs from previous attempts in its use of a wide variety of knowledge about both the anatomy and the image processing operations. The system features the use of constraint-based dynamic thresholding, negative-shape constraints(More)
Unmanned aerial vehicles with high quality video cameras are able to provide videos from 50,000 feet up that show a surprising amount of detail on the ground. These videos are difficult to analyze, because the airplane moves, the camera zooms in and out and vibrates, and the moving objects of interest can be in the scene, out of the scene, or partly(More)
Most current mobile robots rely on laser or sonar range finders wholly or partially. We have designed a mobile robot which uses only visual information for navigation. Our robot design is based on our fundamental philosophy that high performance vision requires very high computing power. In order to fulfill this requirement, our robot is built to(More)
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