Masaharu Kaneda

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GABAC responses were recorded in cultured cone-driven horizontal cells from the catfish retina using the patch clamp technique. At a holding potential of -49 mV, a bicuculline-resistant inward current (IGABA) was observed when 10 microM GABA was applied. The amplitude of IGABA increased as the extracellular Ca2+ ([Ca2+]o) was increased.(More)
Let Uq denote the quantum group associated with a finite dimensional semisimple Lie algebra. Assume that q is a complex root of unity of odd order and that Uq is obtained via Lusztig’s q-divided powers construction. We prove that all regular projective (tilting) modules for Uq are rigid, i.e., have identical radical and socle filtrations. Moreover, we(More)
By properly specializing the parameters irreducible modules of maximal dimension for the De Concini-Kac version of the Drinfeld-Jimbo quantum algebra in type A may be transformed into modules over Lusztig’s infinitesimal quantum algeba. Thus obtained modules have a simple socle and a simple head, and share the same dimension as the infinitesimal Verma(More)
Y. Abe, T. Abrahão, H. Almazan, C. Alt, S. Appel, J.C. Barriere, E. Baussan, I. Bekman, M. Bergevin, T.J.C. Bezerra, L. Bezrukov, E. Blucher, T. Brugière, C. Buck, J. Busenitz, A. Cabrera, L. Camilleri, R. Carr, M. Cerrada, E. Chauveau, P. Chimenti, A.P. Collin, E. Conover, J.M. Conrad, J.I. Crespo-Anadón, K. Crum, A.S. Cucoanes, ∗ E. Damon, J.V. Dawson, H.(More)
The first two authors had the opportunity to participate in a working group in Rennes dedicated to the work of Arthur Ogus and Vadim Vologodsky on non abelian Hodge theory, which is now published in [8]. This is an analog in positive characteristic p of Simpson’s correspondence over the complex numbers between local systems and a certain type of holomorphic(More)
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