Masaharu Goto

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ROOT is an object-oriented C++ framework conceived in the high-energy physics (HEP) community, designed for storing and analyzing petabytes of data in an efficient way. Any instance of a C++ class can be stored into a ROOT file in a machine-independent compressed binary format. In ROOT the TTree object container is optimized for statistical data analysis(More)
As process technologies continually advance, process variation has greatly increased and has gradually become one of the most critical factors for IC manufacturing. Furthermore, these increasingly complex processes continue to make greater use of stressors for mobility enhancement, thus requiring large volumes of data for extensive characterization of(More)
This paper reports capacitance measurement correlation between Direct Charge Measurement (DCM) and conventional LCR meter on 0.18um CMOS test structure. Measurement results of interconnect and MOSCAP test structures are presented. Mathematical analysis shows that DCM and LCR meter results correlate very well for MOSCAP as well. Amplitude Adjustment Method(More)
Continuing scaling down trend of semiconductor process node has increased the necessity of comprehensive interconnect capacitance testing, however, the measurement has only been made between limited combinations of conductor groups due to test time constrains. In this paper, we propose new interconnect capacitance measurement method, Degenerated Exhaustive(More)
Register files are becoming a power-hungry component in future embedded microprocessors, as a lot of power reduction techniques are applied, especially on caches, which are currently the most power-hungry component. As higher performance is required for coming smart embedded systems, out-of-order execution, which requires a large number of registers, are(More)
This paper discusses application of direct charge measurement (DCM) on characterizing on-chip interconnect capacitance. Measurement equipment and techniques are leveraged from Flat Panel Display testing. On-chip active device is not an essential necessity for DCM test structure and it is easy to implement parallel measurements. Femto-Farad measurement(More)
A fast and accurate capacitance measurement technique, direct charge measurement (DCM), is introduced to improve productivity of semiconductor parametric testing. The approach is simpler and much faster compared with conventional method using charge-based capacitance measurement (CBCM) or LCR meter. On-chip active device is not an essential necessity for(More)
Direct Charge Measurement (DCM) has a capability to improve the capacitance measurement time in parametric test. Through an actual wafer measurement, we have successfully verified that DCM can measure MOS capacitor much faster than an LCR meter while keeping good correlations for wafer manufacturing.
The outline of a 1 MJ superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) system and a p-q (active power-reactive power) control system using a pulse-width modulation (PWM) gate turn-off (GTO) thyristor converter is described. Results of p-q decoupling control experiments are also given. A plan is for investigating the attainment of transient and dynamic(More)
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