Masafumi Uchida

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In this research, we examined the tactile sense for sensory substitution in people who have lost one sense. We considered the use of apparent movement to communicate something via the tactile sense. It is necessary to measure the apparent movement objectively and quantitatively because apparent movement is normally a subjective thing. We extracted swing(More)
Tactile sense as one of the five regular senses of human body has always been considered as an efficient substitution for the other senses of body such as sight and hearing. For example, a tactile interface system is able to transfer an essential set of information by using the tactile sense instead of visual or hearing sense. Today we can see the various(More)
The recognition of tactile apparent movement is normally a subjective sense. However, when applying tactile apparent movement to an engineering system, quantitative evaluation is necessary. In a previous study, we examined the body-sway caused by tactile apparent movement under fixed experimental conditions, but the body-sway characteristics were not fully(More)
This paper proposes a personal identification system that uses tactile stimuli. Recently, scientists have been conducting research in biometrics using biomedical information. However, there is the problem that biomedical information is unchangeable. For example, if a thief steals another user’s biomedical information, that person has no information to(More)
Recently, there has been much interest in the study of the formation of groups of agents that cause interactions between agents and invent new functions. We gave some agents an action rule based on the interactions of human feelings by using a circumplex model. It had been decided that the parameters of feelings in this model should have only two axes. In(More)
Tactile apparent movement recognition is normally considered as a subjective sense of humans. Applying the tactile apparent movement to an engineering system, a quantitative evaluation study becomes necessary. In previous studies, finding the body-sway caused by the tactile apparent movement in a fixed experimental condition became possible. However,(More)