Masafumi Sato

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We consider the connectedness in the game of Go. This game has a graph theoretical structure and the connectedness of the stones is very important to evaluate positions. In this paper, we construct the mathematical model which represents the connectedness of the stones and the relationship between blocks and null intersections. We propose the recursion of(More)
A novel canine epidermal keratinocyte cell line, MSCEK, was developed from skin of a healthy dog. The aim of this study was to determine its expression of desmosomal components and to evaluate its use as a detection tool for circulating autoantibodies in canine pemphigus. Immunofluorescence and western blotting analyses revealed that MSCEK expresses(More)
Multiple, pigmented, verrucous, cutaneous lesions in a 2-year-old female cat were pathologically examined. The lesions were linearly arranged on the right side of the body, and had developed along with moderate pruritus since infancy. Histologically, prominent exophytic, papillomatous outgrowths of the epidermis and acanthosis with intense ortho and(More)
The game of Go has a graph theoretical structure. "BW graph model" gives one of clear representations of features of positions with degrees. The degrees of intersections are very important to evaluate positions. In this paper, we introduce the applications of the mathematical model "BW graph model".
A 14-year-old, spayed female Shih-tzu dog presented with masses in the dorsal aspect of cervical region and digit of the right anterior limb. Extensive necrosis was seen in the dermal tissue overlying the tumor, and diffuse round cell proliferation and infiltration were seen histologically from the superficial dermis to the deep dermis. Two types of(More)
The game of Go is a zero-sum game by two players with perfect information. The game of Go has a graph theoretical structure and tactics. BW graph model is a mathematical model for the game of Go, and represents postions and games graph theoretically. This model uses degrees of intersections on the board. In this paper, we formulate a pattern of stones,(More)
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