Masafumi Miwa

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We developed learning environment for stars and constellations with finger pointing under real night sky.This environment has some functions. First function is star name telling function. When a learner points a finger at a star with the sensor on his/her finger top, the system tells him/her name of the star and constellation with voice. Then, second(More)
Estimating the energy expenditure of farm animals at pasture is important for efficient animal management. In recent years, an alternative technique for estimating energy expenditure by measuring body acceleration has been widely performed in wildlife and human studies, but the availability of the technique in farm animals has not yet been examined. In the(More)
We developed a real-world oriented mobile constellation learning environment. Learners point at a target constellation by gazing through a cylinder with a gyro-sensor, which can display information related to the constellation. The system has a learning function. Through experimentation, we evaluated the learning environment to assess its learning effects.
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