Masafumi Koide

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A genetic switch determines whether the indifferent gonad develops into an ovary or a testis. In adult females of many avian species, the left ovary is functional while the right one regresses. In the embryo, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) mediate biological effects in many organ developments but their roles in avian sex determination and gonadal(More)
Little is known about the molecular mechanisms involved with the initial specifications of the cardiac mesoderm. In order to identify potential regulatory factors that play important roles in early heart specification, we attempted to isolate the chick H15-related T-box gene and analyze its expression pattern during early development. The chick Tbx20 gene(More)
FKBP12.6, a member of the family of FK506-binding proteins, selectively associates with the cardiac isoform of the ryanodine receptor and thereby stabilizes this Ca(2+) release channel. A chicken FKBP12.6 (chFKBP12.6) cDNA was cloned and shown to encode a protein of 108 amino acids. The deduced amino acid sequence of chFKBP12.6 is 91-92% identical to those(More)
Gene delivery is an essential research tool for elucidating gene structure, regulation, and function in biomedical research and is the technological basis for gene therapy. However, the application of nonviral vectors in mammalian cell transfection and gene therapy is limited in that current methods require large amounts of exogenous DNA and/or exhibit high(More)
FKBPs are cytosolic receptors for the immunosuppressive drug FK506. FKBP12.6 and FKBP12 associate with cardiac and skeletal muscle isoforms of ryanodine receptors and thereby regulate intracellular Ca(2+) release. The amino acid sequences of FKBP12.6 and FKBP12 are highly conserved among mammals and chicken. The expression profiles of FKBP12.6 and FKBP12(More)
This paper presents an authentication scheme for a JPEG 2000 image codestream, which is obtained by using JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol (JPIP). JPIP allows a client to request a JPEG 2000 image that has a different representation from the original image. The client-requested image codestream is a portion of the original JPEG 2000 codestream and its(More)
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