Masafumi Fujitake

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An induction type motor with a toroidal core called a surface induction motor (SIM) is proposed for any directional motion in the two-dimensional plane. In the case of small size motors, the SIM has large thrust compared with the linear induction motor (LIM) because the slots in SIM can be used effectively. For a practical use, a conventional double-layer(More)
The 3psigma(u)D (3)Sigma(u) (+) Rydberg state of N(2) is studied experimentally using two high-resolution spectroscopic techniques. First, the forbidden D (3)Sigma(u) (+)-X (1)Sigma(g) (+) transition is observed for the first time via the (0,0) band of (14)N(2) and the (1,0) band of (15)N(2), using 1 extreme-ultraviolet +1 ultraviolet two-photon-ionization(More)
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