Masafumi Akiyoshi

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A research project on the development of radiation tolerant compact image sensor with a field emitter array started in 2013. The purpose of the project is to develop key components of the image sensor that has sufficiently high radiation tolerance, as a step to investigate the interior of the nuclear reactor of Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima the 1st. A(More)
Radiation tolerance of a field emitter array and a cadmium telluride-based photoconductor was investigated. The variation of the performance of these devices were investigated during the γ-ray irradiation by every 100-200 kGy. Total dose of irradiation reached 1.2 MGy, but no significant deterioration of the properties has been observed. A test tube(More)
Robustness of field emitter arrays against high-energy X-ray irradiation was demonstrated. The current-voltage characteristics of the field emitter array were investigated in a vacuum chamber connected to an electron accelerator. The electron beam with an energy of 1 MeV was incident onto a tungsten thin plate to produce X-rays. The field emitter array(More)
InGaP solar cells with high radiation resistivity are not expected to be degraded by irradiation with less than 100 keV electron-beams. Recently, it was observed that the InGaP solar cells were degraded by irradiation with 60 keV electron-beams. However, a mechanism of this degradation is unclear. In this study, we use deep-level transient spectroscopy(More)
Current-voltage characteristics of silicon dioxide layer prepared by chemical vapor deposition with TEOS, which is used as an insulting layer for field emitter arrays, were investigated with and without a MeV ion irradiation, in order to demonstrate high radiation tolerance. Sandwich structures with niobium electrodes and silicon dioxide layers were(More)
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