Masae Tatematsu

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To identify novel methylation-silenced genes in gastric cancers, we carried out a chemical genomic screening, a genome-wide search for genes upregulated by treatment with a demethylating agent,(More)
Helicobacter pylori attach to the gastric mucosa with adhesin, which binds to Lewis b (Le(b)) or H type I carbohydrate structures. The Secretor (Se) gene and Lewis (Le) gene are involved in type I Le(More)
Until recently it has been generally considered that genotoxic carcinogens have no threshold in exerting their potential for cancer induction. However, the nonthreshold theory can be challenged with(More)
Combinations of recently developed paradoxical concanavalin-A staining (PCS) and other routine histochemical procedures have made it possible to classify mucosubstances more precisely. By taking(More)
The molecular mechanisms underlying the development of intestinal metaplasia (IM) of the human stomach have yet to be clarified in detail. Besides ectopic expression of intestinal transcription(More)