Masae Miura

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  • M Miura
  • 1993
The present study investigated the relation between the perceptual task of facial expression, sex difference and cognitive mode. Subjects were 55 male and 26 female Japanese students. Material slides were made from Ekman and Friesen (1975), which represent six type of basic facial emotion. Cognitive mode was measured by CMQ-R (Cognitive Mode(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship in the parents among social support, psychological stress response, and acceptance of the fact that their children had progressive muscular dystrophy. Parents of progressive muscular dystrophy patients, 326 in total, completed a questionnaire that included scales of social support, acceptance of(More)
  • M Miura
  • 1987
The intrahemispheric overflow hypothesis was examined by the cognitive-motor interference method. Subjects were 12 right handed male adults. As the concurrent cognitive task the present study employed Milner's recent-memory (verbal and nonverbal) task which was assumed by the author to be related to the frontal lobe function. The motor task was a single(More)
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