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We present a computer-oriented method of producing pictures of Bers em-beddings of the Teichmüller space of once-punctured tori. The coordinate plane is chosen in such a way that the accessory parameter is hidden in the relative position of the origin. Our algorithm consists of two steps. To each point in the coordinate plane, we first compute the(More)
307 arXiv version: fonts, pagination and layout may vary from GTM published version Twisted Alexander polynomials and a partial order on the set of prime knots TERUAKI KITANO MASAAKI SUZUKI We give a survey of some recent papers by the authors and Masaaki Wada [6, 7, 8] relating the twisted Alexander polynomial with a partial order on the set of prime(More)
It is not known whether every noncompact hyperbolic 3-manifold of finite volume admits a decomposition into ideal tetrahedra. We give a partial solution to this problem: Let M be a hyperbolic 3-manifold obtained by identifying the faces of n convex ideal polyhedra P 1 ,. .. , Pn. If the faces of P 1 ,. .. , P n−1 are glued to Pn, then M can be decomposed(More)
We propose a method of extracting scallop areas from gravel seabed images to assess fish resources, and developed an automatic system that measures their quantities, sizes, and states. Scallops feature different colors, fluted patterns and forms. The present study is described our method of extracting these features, and presented the results and its(More)
In this paper, we propose a GIS plotter for small fishing vessels, with the objective of promoting effective coastal fishing and the sustainable use of aquatic resources in coastal fishing. Currently, various marine charts are created in support of coastal fishing operations. However, the charts are displayed on paper and cannot be used effectively on small(More)
The developing heart and great vessels undergo drastic morphogenetic changes during the embryonic period. To analyze the normal and abnormal development of these organs, it is essential to visualize their structures in three and four dimensions, including the changes occurring with time. We have reconstructed the luminal structure of the hearts and great(More)
—The authors have been working on the support of the fishery industry using the information and communication technology. A water temperature observation network is proposed for supporting aquacultures, and a ubiquitous buoy system developed for this purpose is described. The ubiquitous buoy system was created by leveraging ubiquitous sensing technology(More)