Masaaki Tanigawa

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Various reasons cause floods in cities, RoboCup Rescue simulation system has been designed so that various disasters can be plugged into the existing system. However, it is hard to handle water in RoboCup Rescue simulators. In this paper, we show flood simulation based on diffusion equation model is easily implemented using IDSS and IDSS's scalability is(More)
Defining quality requirements enough is more difficult than defining functional requirements because stakeholders do not state most of quality requirements explicitly. A method to analyze a requirements specification for identifying the amount of quality requirements in the specification has thus already proposed. However, the method requires human(More)
Spectrum analysis for quality requirements is useful for measuring and tracking them, but current spectrum analysis largely depends on expertise of each analyst. Therefore, it takes a lot of efforts to perform the analysis and is hard to reuse experiences for such analysis. We introduce domain knowledge called term-characteristic map to improve current(More)
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