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Alkynyl sugar analogs for the labeling and visualization of glycoconjugates in cells
Developing tools for investigating the cellular activity of glycans will help to delineate the molecular basis for aberrant glycosylation in pathological processes such as cancer. MetabolicExpand
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Glycoproteomic probes for fluorescent imaging of fucosylated glycans in vivo
Glycomics is emerging as a new field for the biology of complex glycoproteins and glycoconjugates. The lack of versatile glycan-labeling methods has presented a major obstacle to visualizing at theExpand
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Design and Combinatorial Synthesis of a Novel Kinase‐Focused Library Using Click Chemistry‐Based Fragment Assembly.
The screening of the triazole-based kinase focused evolved fragment library (76 examples) allows for the rapid identification of the potent lead candidate (Ia) for FLT3 and GSK3β kinase.
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Length measuring apparatus using a magnetostrictive delay line
Dérivé de 2-aminoquinazoline
L'invention porte sur un compose represente par la formule (I) ci-apres, qui est utile comme inhibiteur de proteines kinases. (Dans la formule, R1 represente un groupe alkyle inferieur qui peut etreExpand
Abstract 384: Identification of a lung adenocarcinoma cell line addicted to ERBB4, an actionable target for cancer therapy
Cancer cells often survive by getting addicted to specific genes. In most cases, such genes function as an enzyme, especially kinases that are specifically activated in cancers by geneticExpand