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In this article, a new radix-2 k signed-digit number (Radix-2 k sub signed-digit number) is defined and its properties for hardware realization are discussed. Until now, high speed calculation method with Radix-2 k signed-digit numbers is proposed, but this method used " Compares With 2 " to calculate carry. " Compares with 2 " is a very simple method, but(More)
We are currently developing a Regional Protection System in which children have terminals, and transponders installed at various locations receive packets sent from these terminals via a Specified Low-Power Radio System. The packets are then transmitted to a server so the positions of the children can be inferred from that information. With the ARIB STD-T67(More)
Sensor network terminals are installed in large numbers in the field and transmit data periodically by radio. Such terminals must be miniaturized, and save power so that each device can operate by battery for several years. As one way to satisfy these two conditions, in this research we propose a terminal design which eliminates the receiver circuit.(More)