Masaaki Minagawa

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A unique pathological finding of astrocytes was observed in the brain of a 20-year-old man who had severe physical and mental retardation. The brain was malformed showing micropolygyria in several cortical areas. A large number of hypertrophic astrocytes with eosinophilic granular substances in their cytoplasm were found throughout the cerebral cortex.(More)
Immunohistochemical studies were carried out on the new type of cerebral cortical astrocytic inclusions recently discovered in a 20-year-old patient with maldeveloped brain and micropolygyria. The inclusions appeared as eosinophilic structures (hematoxylin and eosin stain) and did not exhibit argyrophilia (modified Bielschowsky method). The inclusions were(More)
This paper describes the silicon microstrip modules in the barrel section of the SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The module requirements, components and assembly techniques are given, as well as first results of the module performance on the fully assembled barrels that make up the detector being(More)
Effects of histamine on the testicular polymodal receptors were studied in vitro using canine testisspermatic nerve preparations. Histamine induced distinct increase in the discharge rate in 6 out of 17 units tested (high responders), while it only weakly excited the remaining 11 units (low responders). The bradykinin response of low responders tended to be(More)
As a part of the quality assurance procedure of the ATLAS SCT (Semiconductor Tracker) barrel modules, the response of the microstrip detector is measured by injecting focused Nd:YAG laser at each strip. The test is sensitive to sensor originated problems and a cross check to the results obtained from the electrical tests performed with the test pulse system(More)
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