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Recent digital fabrication tools have opened up accessibility to personalized rapid prototyping; however, such tools are limited to product-scale objects. The materials currently available for use in 3D printing are too fine for large-scale objects, and CNC gantry sizes limit the scope of printable objects. In this paper, we propose a new method for(More)
This paper presents a method that employs parametric surfaces as surface geometry representations at any stage of a computational process to compute self-supporting surfaces. This approach can be differentiated from existing relevant methods because such methods represent surfaces by a triangulated mesh surface or a network consisting of lines. The proposed(More)
This work aims to provide standard formulations for direct minimization approaches on various types of static problems of continuum mechanics. Particularly, form-finding problems of tension structures are discussed in the first half and the large deformation problems of continuum bodies are discussed in the last half. In the first half, as the standards of(More)
The objective of this work can be divided into two parts. The first one is to propose an extension of the force density method (FDM)[2], a form-finding method for prestressed cable-net structures. The second one is to present a review of various form-finding methods for tension structures, in the relation with the extended FDM. In the first part, it is(More)
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