Masaaki Horie

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1. The adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP)-sensitive K+ channel of guinea-pig ventricular cells was examined in the presence and absence of internal Mg2+ or Na+ using an open cell-attached configuration of the patch-clamp technique. 2. Millimolar concentrations of internal Mg2+ ([Mg2+]i) produced marked fluctuations in the outward current, and the amplitude of(More)
1. The effects of internal Mg2+ ions on the muscarinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptor-mediated K+ currents were investigated in single atrial cells of guinea-pigs, using the whole-cell and inside-out modes of the patch-clamp technique. 2. During cell dialysis in the whole-cell-clamp condition, the depletion of internal Mg2+ increased outward muscarinic K+(More)
Rectifying properties of the acetylcholine (ACh)-sensitive K+ channels were studied using a patch-clamp method in single atrial cells prepared enzymatically from adult guinea pig hearts. In the presence of micromolar concentration of nonhydrolyzable guanosine 5'-triphosphate (GTP) analogue 5'-guanylylimidodiphosphate (GppNHp) and the absence of Mg2+ at the(More)
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