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Vibrational level structure in the S(0) (1)A(g) and S(1) (1)B(3u) states of pyrene was investigated through analysis of fluorescence excitation spectra and dispersed fluorescence spectra for single vibronic level excitation in a supersonic jet and through referring to the results of ab initio theoretical calculation. The vibrational energies are very(More)
Fast intersystem crossing is observed in the S(1)(1)nπ* state of N-heterocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and carbonyl compounds. It is attributed to spin-orbit coupling with the (3)ππ* state in the same energy region. The strong singlet-triplet mixing was confirmed by large Zeeman splitting of rotational lines in a high-resolution spectrum. For the S(1)(1)ππ*(More)
The objective of this study was to obtain an optimum formulation for microencapsulating Ibuprofen. This was achieved by investigating various factors which influenced the microcapsule size. Considering Ibuprofen as a lipophilic model drug, biocompatible Ibuprofen-loaded microcapsules in the size range of 20-60microm were prepared by the water in oil(More)
Doppler-free two-photon excitation spectrum and the Zeeman effect of the S1 1B1u(v21=1) <-- S0 1Ag(v=0) transition of naphthalene-d8 have been measured. 908 lines of Q(Ka)Q(J)KaKc transition of J=0-41, Ka=0-20 were assigned, and the molecular constants of the S1 1B1u(v21=1) state were determined. Perturbations were observed, and those were identified as(More)
The rotationally resolved high-resolution fluorescence excitation spectrum of the 0-0 band in the S(1)← S(0) electronic excitation of thioanisole was observed using the techniques of a collimated supersonic jet and a single-mode ultraviolet laser for the first time. High accurate rotational constants for the S(0) and the S(1) states have been determined by(More)
Electronic and vibrational structures in the S(0) (1)A(1) and S(1) (1)A(1) states of jet-cooled phenanthrene-h(10) and phenanthrene-d(10) were analyzed by high-resolution spectroscopy using a tunable nanosecond pulsed laser. The normal vibrational energies and molecular structures were estimated by ab initio calculations with geometry optimization in order(More)
Rotationally resolved ultrahigh-resolution spectra of the S(1) (1)B(2u)<--S(0) (1)A(g) transition of anthracene-h(10) and anthracene-d(10) have been observed using a single-mode UV laser and a collimated supersonic jet. We have determined rotational constants of the zero-vibrational levels of the S(0) and S(1) states by analyzing the precisely calibrated(More)
Mesh size distributions (MSDs) of swollen cross-linked styrene copolymer networks have been measured by thermoporometry using CCl(4) as a probe liquid. All numerical relationships required for the calculation of the MSD were established for both the liquid-to-solid and the solid-to-solid thermal transitions of CCl(4) and successfully validated on test(More)
Rotationally resolved high-resolution fluorescence excitation spectra of (14)NO3 radical have been observed for the 662 nm band, which is assigned as the 0-0 band of the B̃(2)E' ←X̃(2)A2' transition, by crossing a single-mode laser beam perpendicularly to a collimated molecular beam. More than 3000 rotational lines were detected in 15,070-15,145 cm(-1)(More)