Masa‐aki Hattori

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The forkhead box a (Foxa) protein family has been found to play important roles in mammals. Recently, the expression of Foxa2 was reported in the mouse uterus, and it was reported to be involved in regulation of implantation. However, the regulation of Foxa2 expression in the uterus is still poorly understood. Therefore, the present study was conducted to(More)
Cellular oscillators in the uterus play critical roles in the gestation processes of mammals through entraining of the clock proteins to numerous downstream genes, including growth/differentiation factor (Gdf)10 and Gdf15. The expression of Gdf10 and Gdf15 is significantly increased in the uterus during decidualization, but the mechanism underlying the(More)
Germ cell-specific genes such as Ddx4, Dnd1, and Dazl play critical roles in the proliferation and survival of germ cells. However, the methylation state of the promoter in mature germ cells is still unknown. Here, we investigated the methylation levels of these genes and the pluripotency marker gene Nanog in chicken sperm as compared with the Alb gene in(More)
The nuclear receptor REV-ERBα (encoded by NR1D1) has a critical role in metabolism and physiology as well as circadian rhythm. Here, we investigated the possible contribution of clock genes including NR1D1 to the secretion of prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) from bovine uterine stromal (USCs) and epithelial cells (UECs) by modulating the expression of PTGS2. The(More)
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