Masa Ogata

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The human hand is an appropriate part to attach an agent robot. Pygmy is an anthropomorphic device that produces a presence on a human hand by magnifying the finger expressions. This device is in trial to develop an interaction model of an agent on the hand. It is based on the concept of hand anthropomorphism and uses finger movements to create the(More)
Facial expression is a powerful way for us to exchange information nonverbally. They can give us insights into how people feel and think. There are a number of works related to facial expression detection in computer vision. However, most works focus on camera-based systems installed in the environment. With this method, it is difficult to track user's face(More)
FluxPaper is a new paper-based medium that enables physical movement and dynamic interaction between a high-power magnetized paper and a programmable magnetic field. FluxPaper has a very thin patterned magnetic layer (0.1 mm) pasted behind the paper. A thin but strong neodymium-based magnet realizes fast, powerful, and precise physical actions while(More)
This paper presents a novel smart eyewear that uses embedded photo reflective sensors and machine learning to recognize a wearer's facial expressions in daily life. We leverage the skin deformation when wearers change their facial expressions. With small photo reflective sensors, we measure the proximity between the skin surface on a face and the eyewear(More)
This paper proposes a multi-touch steering wheel for in-car tertiary applications. Existing interfaces for in-car applications such as buttons and touch displays have several operating problems. For example, drivers have to consciously move their hands to the interfaces as the interfaces are fixed on specific positions. Therefore, we developed a steering(More)
FlashTouch is a new technology that enables data communication between touchscreen-based mobile devices. Touchscreen can be used as communication media using visible light and capacitive touch. We designed a stylus and small case modules for collaboration using touchscreens. With these modules, users can easily transfer data from one mobile device to(More)