Marziyeh Nourian

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In this paper, we study the acceleration of applications that require searching for all occurrences of thousands of string-patterns in an input data-stream, using the Automata Processor (AP). For this purpose, we use two applications from two fields, namely, network security and bioinformatics. The first application, called Fast-SNAP (for Fast-SNort using(More)
Many established and emerging applications perform at their core some form of pattern matching, a computation that maps naturally onto finite automata abstractions. As a consequence, in recent years there has been a substantial amount of work on high-speed automata processing, which has led to a number of implementations targeting a variety of parallel(More)
Up to several years ago, all images had certain square pixel structures and all processing works were done on the same basis. After a few years a new hexagonal pixel structure was introduced. Because of having more symmetry and several other benefits, the hexagonal structure is very highly regarded. Up to now many researchers have addressed many(More)
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