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Wood is mainly composed of secondary walls, which constitute the most abundant stored carbon produced by vascular plants. Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling secondary wall deposition during wood formation is not only an important issue in plant biology but also critical for providing molecular tools to custom-design wood composition suited(More)
We obtain positronium Hyperfine Splitting owing to the non-commutativity of space and show that, in the leading order, it is proportional to θα 6 where, θ is the parameter of non-commutativity. It is also shown that spatial non-commutativity splits the spacing between n = 2 triplet excited levels E(2 3 S 1) → E(2 3 P 2) which provides an experimental test(More)
In the context of the field theory we show that for particles with opposite non-commutativity, in QED, there is no correction for the two-body bound state at the tree level. Consequently, the Helium atom is considered in the non-commutative space. It is shown that the effects of spatial non-commutativity appear at the tree level and they are of the order α
Xylan is a major acetylated polymer in plant lignocellulosic biomass and it can be mono- and di-acetylated at O-2 and O-3 as well as mono-acetylated at O-3 of xylosyl residues that is substituted with glucuronic acid (GlcA) at O-2. Based on the finding that ESK1, an Arabidopsis thaliana DUF231 protein, specifically mediates xylan 2-O- and(More)
The Bethe-Salpeter equation in non-commutative QED (NCQED) is considered for three-body bound state. We study the non-relativistic limit of this equation in the instantaneous approximation and derive the corresponding Schrödinger equation in non-commutative space. It is shown that the experimental data for Helium atom puts an upper bound on the magnitude of(More)
We derive Spinless Salpeter equation for the positronium using the NRQED La-grangian. Consequently, we consider the Spinless Salpeter wavefunction instead of the Schrodinger wavefunction to show that the NRQED calculation can be done easier. We also discuss that the singularity of the Spinless Salpeter wavefunction at the origin is necessary to cancel the(More)
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