Marzio Vanzini

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C. Arnaboldi a,F. T. Avignone III b, J. Beeman c,d,M. Barucci e, M. Balata f,C. Brofferio a, C. Bucci f,S. Cebrian g, R. J. Creswick b,S. Capelli a, L. Carbone a,O. Cremonesi a, A. de Ward h,E. Fiorini a, H. A. Farach b,G. Frossati h, A. Giuliani i,D. Giugni a, P. Gorla a,E. E. Haller c,d, I. G. Irastorza g,R. J. McDonald c, A. Morales g,E. B. Norman c, P.(More)
CUORE is a proposed tightly packed array of 1000 TeO2 bolometers, each being a cube 5 cm on a side with a mass of 750 gms. The array consists of 25 vertical towers, arranged in a square, of 5 towers by 5 towers, each containing 10 layers of 4 crystals. The design of the detector is optimized for ultralowbackground searches for neutrinoless double beta decay(More)
This paper describes the results of the treatment of amblyopia in young patients using an unconventional laser-acupuncture technique. After obtaining satisfactory results in the treatment of a 14-year-old amblyopic girl, the treatment was applied to 13 amblyopic children aged 3-11 years, with an encouraging outcome. An ultralow-light-intensity laser with a(More)
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