Marzieh Sharifi

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BACKGROUND Given miscarriage psychological consequences on the women health, the aim of the present study is the survey of effectiveness rate of attributive retraining interventions on women depression and anxiety reducing after miscarriage. METHODS The present study is semi-empiric and it's made using control group, pre- and post-test execution and(More)
The molecular regulation of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in blood platelets is an uncharacterised area of platelet biology. We investigated the mechanism of collagen-stimulated NO synthesis in platelets. Our aim was to identify the key collagen receptor and downstream signalling mechanisms linking collagen to NOS activation. Collagen and the GpVI-specific(More)
BACKGROUND Regarding high prevalence and injurious consequences of postpartum depression, the aim of the present work is the study of the effect rate of interpersonal psychotherapy on marriage adaptive and postpartum in women. METHOD The present study is semi-empiric, and included control group and pre- and post-test groups. Thirty-two women suffering(More)
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