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Various puncture routes, veins, arteries, heart, are used to take blood in animals. For anatomical reasons, differences in blood composition are expected among puncture sites. However, this issue has been rarely assessed and contrasted results have been reported: strong effects of puncture site versus a lack of effect. We captured free-ranging freshwater(More)
BACKGROUND previous evidences suggested that traditional sitting position (flexion of knees approximately 90°, and adduction of hips while feet rest on a stool) and hamstring stretch position (sitting position with maximum extension of knees, adduction of hips, and forward bending) both reversed the lumbar lordosis and the number of spinal needle-bone(More)
Dear Editor, Vagal paragangliomas are uncommon tumors of the parapharyngeal space, approximately 200 cases having been reported. 1 They arise from tissue of the extra ad-renal sympathetic nervous system. 2 They mostly manifest as a painless neck mass near the angle of the mandi-ble usually between the skull base and the hyoid bone. 3 The other(More)
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