Marzieh Asgari-Targhi

Malcolm Atkinson2
Lorna Hughes2
Elpiniki Fragkouli2
2Malcolm Atkinson
2Lorna Hughes
2Elpiniki Fragkouli
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This paper presents work conducted in the e-Uptake project which aims to widen the uptake of e-Infrastructure Services for research. We focus specifically on the identification of barriers and enablers of uptake and the taxonomy developed to structure our findings. Based on this, we describe our model of uptake and the development of a number of(More)
Cartwright in her (2004) paper takes a pluralistic approach to causation. Inspired by Pearl's (2000) multi-faceted notion of causation and Cartwright's approach, I suggest a Causal Spectrum, a model in which all the causal models are arranged according to an agent's amount and more importantly type of knowledge about a causal event. The more efficiently we(More)
Based on more than 100 interviews with respondents from academic and IT services provider sides, we present findings from our study of inhibitors and enablers of adoption of e-Infrastructure services for research. We discuss issues raised and potential ways of addressing them.
Argumentation schemes describe patterns of reasoning in discourse. We report an investigation into whether the argumentation scheme known as 'inference to the best explanation' (IBE) captures the argumentation found in collaborative case-based learning. We examine the dialogue of three students working in an online learning environment as they attempt to(More)
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