Marzieh Abdal

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BACKGROUND Clinical education has a basic role in nursing education, and effective clinical training establishes a sense of clinical self-efficacy in senior nursing students. Self-efficacy is a key component for acting independently in the nursing profession. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to outline senior nursing students' views about clinical(More)
Soil microorganisms were not inhibited by mixing oily sludge in soil up to 8.7% (w/w) oil (15% sludge). Adding NH 4 (+) and phosphate increased microbial activity. Microbial activity was also affected by seasonal variation. Thermotolerant microorganisms were more predominant during the summer. After 29 months, 72%, 84%, and 83% of the soil was degraded in(More)
Tomato is one of the main vegetable crops in Kuwait with a total greenhouse production of 39,218.3 tonnes and with a value of $ 9.58 million in 2004. Because of the country’s harsh climate, scarce water resources and poor-quality land resources, protected agriculture has a significant role in Kuwait’s agricultural development. Tomato is grown in 25% of(More)
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