Marzie Astani

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O COMPETE EFFECTIVELY IN TODAY’S global business environments, firms must use information technology to support the continuous improvement of business processes. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the latest in an evolutionary series of computer tools developed for managing information and organizations. ERP systems are simply integrated information(More)
For many organizations the website has been used as a tool for interand intra-organizational exchange. Since universities and colleges have started to use their websites as a student recruiting means, an effective website design is very important for higher education institution to attract students. This research explores the effectiveness of university(More)
This paper describes the implementation of an active learning approach in an MIS capstone course that allows students to actively participate in learning about the key issues that CIOs face when managing information resources. The objective of this approach was to help students to develop an understanding of IS management issues and the role of CIOs in(More)
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