Marzia Sultana

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Seasonal plankton blooms correlate with occurrence of cholera in Bangladesh, although the mechanism of how dormant Vibrio cholerae, enduring interepidemic period in biofilms and plankton, initiates seasonal cholera is not fully understood. In this study, laboratory microcosms prepared with estuarine Mathbaria water (MW) samples supported active growth of(More)
Little is known about the physical and socioeconomic postpartum consequences of women who experience obstetric complications and require emergency obstetric care (EmOC), particularly in resource-poor countries such as Bangladesh where historically there has been a strong cultural preference for births at home. Recent increases in the use of skilled birth(More)
In recent years, there has been great interest in graph drawing to express relational information and applications range from CASE tools, reverse engineering, idea organization, and software design. However, as the graphs to be visualized become more and more complex, extended structured graph variations are needed. Clustered graphs are graphs with(More)
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