Marzia Migliorini

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The fine structure of the midgut and the Malpighian papillae in Campodea (Monocampa) quilisi Silvestri, 1932 (Hexapoda, Diplura) specimens was described. We observed the presence of electron-dense granules (EDGs) in the midgut epithelial cells, similar in genesis, structure and aspect to the type A spherocrystals described in the midgut epithelium of(More)
Sites of intracellular metal deposition in the midgut ventriculus and in the proventricular glands of Xenillus tegeocranus (Hermann, 1804) (Acari: Oribatida) were studied by TEM. The study aimed to obtain new information on the ultrastructural features of heavy metal compartmentalisation and elimination mechanisms in oribatid mites. Specimens of X.(More)
The extraction procedures (solid/liquid SPE and liquid/liquid LLE) and HPLC separation and quantification methods of polyphenolic compounds have been checked in virgin olive oils in order to explain the differences in content reported in the literature. The work has been carried out on oils prepared from one cultivar and produced under the same protocol.(More)
The commercial value of virgin olive oils (VOOs) strongly depends on their classification, also based on the aroma of the oils, usually evaluated by a panel test. Nowadays, a reliable analytical method is still needed to evaluate the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and support the standard panel test method. To date, the use of HS-SPME sampling coupled to(More)
Plants contain a wide range of non-nutritive phytochemicals, many of which have protective or preventive properties for human diseases. The aim of the present work has been to investigate the nutraceutical properties of sweet chestnut flour extracts obtained from fruits collected from 7 geographic areas of Tuscany (Italy), and their ability in modulating(More)
Indirect measures of soil invertebrate body mass M based on equations relating the latter to body length (l) are becoming increasingly used due to the required painstaking laboratory work and the technical difficulties involved in obtaining some thousands of reliable weight estimates for animals that can be very small. The implicit assumption of such(More)
The underlying assumption of the potentiometric difference titration method, as applied to the evaluation of the sulfhydryl-dependent ionizations in the active site of papain, is that the pKa of His-159 is independent of whether the neighboring sulfhydryl (Cys-25) is protonated or methylthiolated. That this idealized assumption may not strictly apply is(More)
Herein we describe the influence of olive oil refining processes on the lignan profile. The detection of new isobaric lignans is suggested to reveal frauds in commercial extra-Virgin Olive Oils. We analyzed five commercial olive oils by HPLC-DAD-TOF/MS to evaluate their lignan content and detected, for the first time, some isobaric forms of natural(More)