Marzia Gentile

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Respiratory function is mandatory for extrauterine life, but is sometimes impaired in newborns due to prematurity, congenital malformations, or acquired pathologies. Mechanical ventilation is standard care, but long-term complications, such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia, are still largely reported. Therefore, continuous medical education is mandatory to(More)
An unexpected event is not rare in Neonatology and can be dramatic: the operators must act with the right skills and abilities in the shortest time. Often it is a team effort and each member must be trained adequately. According to the "Swiss cheese" model by J. Reason, an accident is never the consequence of a single error, but the very final result of a(More)
Mechanical ventilation is a current support therapy for newborns affected by respiratory diseases. However, several side effects have been observed after treatment, making it mandatory for physicians to determine more suitable approaches. High fidelity simulation is an efficient educational technique that recreates clinical experience. The aim of the(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical ventilation is a therapeutic action for newborns with respiratory diseases but may have side effects. Correct equipment knowledge and training may limit human errors. We aimed to test different neonatal mechanical ventilators' performances by an acquisition module (a commercial pressure sensor plus an isolated chamber and a dedicated(More)
Respiratory problems are among the main causes of mortality for preterm newborns with pulmonary diseases; mechanical ventilation provides standard care, but long-term complications are still largely reported. In this framework, continuous medical education is mandatory to correctly manage assistance devices. However, commercially available neonatal(More)
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