Marzia Di Filippo

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The metabolic rearrangements occurring in cancer cells can be effectively investigated with a Systems Biology approach supported by metabolic network modeling. We here present tissue-specific constraint-based core models for three different types of tumors (liver, breast and lung) that serve this purpose. The core models were extracted and manually curated(More)
The intratumor heterogeneity has been recognized to characterize cancer cells impairing the efficacy of cancer treatments. We here propose an extension of constraint-based modeling approach in order to simulate metabolism of cell populations with the aim to provide a more complete characterization of these systems, especially focusing on the relationships(More)
Motivation: Intratumour heterogeneity poses many challenges to the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, the transcriptional and metabolic information retrieved by currently available computational and experimental techniques portrays the average behaviour of intermixed and heterogeneous cell subpopulations within a given tumour. Emerging single-cell genomic(More)
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