Marzia Del Zotto

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Neuroimaging studies have provided evidence that the orthographic properties of linguistic stimuli are processed within the visual word form area (VWFA) localised in the left inferotemporal cortex (Cohen & Dehaene, 2004). It is not, however, clear in the literature whether this region responds preferentially to words, distinguishing them from pseudowords,(More)
The attentional blink (AB) is a transient attentional deficit that occurs when two stimuli that must both be detected are presented within an interval of less than 500 ms. Event-related potential (ERP) investigations have suggested that the AB affects a specific component, the P3, which is suppressed when targets are blinked. In view of the link between the(More)
In order to investigate the interactions between non-spatial selective attention, awareness and emotion processing, we carried out an ERP study using a backward masking paradigm, in which angry, fearful, happy, and neutral facial expressions were presented, while participants attempted to detect the presence of one or the other category of facial(More)
In order to prevent use errors with their medical devices, manufacturers have to integrate a safety-oriented usability engineering process in their product development lifecycle. A critical step of this process is the identification of potential use-errors. Standards and guidelines recommend to triangulate several sources of information e.g. scientific(More)
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