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A workshop on menopause research focused on three topics: (1) problems and issues in the definition of menopausal status: (2) problems and issues in cross-cultural research: (3) the contributions which research in the behavioural sciences can make to clinical research and practice. Among the conclusions reached by the workshop was the recommendation that(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To analyse the relative risk (RR) of mortality related to social factors independent of health status and occupational category. SETTING Subjects were Swiss men and women aged 40-65 years. DESIGN A random sample of 820 people living in Geneva were followed up prospectively between 1984 and 1996. The social, occupational, and health data(More)
A postgraduate course in psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine for general practitioners started in 1999 from Marc Archinard advice. It consists of about half the hours required for the "Attestation de formation complémentaire" granted by the Swiss Academy of psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine (AMPP). This article describes the elaboration of a(More)
From the third Swiss Health Survey, gender prevalence of psychotropic and anti-pain drugs uses are described. Age differences are added to gender differences. In particular for aging populations, psychotropic drugs are prescribed by compassion. Results suggest medical doctors as prescriptors attribute a large impact to psychological suffering coming from(More)
In psychiatry, request to evaluate treatments are increasingly frequent. Based on a Geneva research project dealing with the evaluation of crisis treatment and its follow-up over a two-year period, the authors examine the various steps involved in the evaluation of treatment prescription and follow-up, from the theoretical and methodological points of view.
The recent emergence of a critical phase in life called maturescence, situated between the ages of 40 and 65, is a by-product of social life in industrialized societies. Because it is considered as a crossroads, this phase in life is not connected with any particular chronological age, such as reaching forty or fifty. Rather, it involves the difficulties of(More)
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