Maryvonne Dulmet

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Product design projects involve multiple team members with various knowledge and competencies that have to evolve with time, due to rapid organizational, technological and marketing changes. Project managers require management methods to optimize the assignment of tasks to human resources according to their competency levels and the need for competency(More)
Modular product design has received great attention for about 10 years but few works have proposed tools to either jointly design the functional and physical architectures or propagate the impact of evolutions from one domain to another. In this paper we present a new method supporting the product architecture design. In new product development situations(More)
This research aims to develop a new team building method based on competency modelling in the field of project management. This method is divided into three main stages. First, a competency matrix based on a task-actor compatibility indicator helps to characterise the competency levels. Second, we apply a clustering algorithm in order to reduce the problem(More)
The purpose of this work is to give a decision support to meet requirements in competencies management. We assume that the building, the development, and the use of each competency need the concurrence of different kinds of interactions in the real work situation. The competency characteristics can be evaluated by an expert within an analysis of work(More)
To cope with the increasing complexity of products, New Product Development (NPD) projects require the involvement of several designers coming from various functional departments. Designers' decisions imply modifications on different objects and are likely to affect the decision-making of other designers. Two kinds of collaborative activities are strongly(More)
Identifying product architectures is recognized as a critical activity during the preliminary design phase since the selected architecture has a great impact on the product quality, on the organization of the following phases of the design project and on the global performance of this project. System architects need methods to pre-determine cohesive modules(More)
An array-based clustering approach is proposed as an effective mean for providing an alternative solution in team building problem. The proposed approach generates a systematic formation of task and team member families by sequencing the rows and the columns of a task-personnel incidence matrix. To obtain the task-personnel incidence matrix, a fuzzy sets(More)
The collective character of design activities requires the development of methods and tools in order to control the design process and the collaborative activities. The workgroup is assimilated to a system composed of entities, which are in various interactions managed by a set of coordination and control mechanisms. We present here a model of the design(More)