Maryvonne Abraham

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The linguistic theory of Applicative and Cognitive Grammar analyses the language in three levels as follows: the linguistic level, the predicative level, and the semanticocognitive level. The meaning of the words is described at the semanticocognitive level. Here we give the description of the verbal semantics in order to build a lemmatized lexicon of(More)
Certains textes d'une langue peuvent 6tre considdrds comma des spdcifications linguistiques capables d'engendrer des animations qui simulent la comprdhension des taxies d'entr6e. Pour rdafiser un tel programme, il nous sernble indispensable de construire des reprdsentations intermddiaires compatibles, d'un c6t6 avec les descriptions sdmantiques d'unitds(More)
For certain disable persons unable to communicate, we present a palliative aid which consist of a virtual pictographic keyboard associated to a text processing from a pictographic scripture. Words and the grammar are given as pictograms. The pictographic lexicon must be organized following the mental lexicon of the user to propose the pictograms of grammar(More)
This paper presents a discussion about assistive and augmentative natural language processing designed for certain disabled persons unable to communicate. Several approaches have been proposed, according to abilities of the writer. Here we distinguish two cases in the writer’s capacities: the writer knows alphabetic writing, or (s)he does not know it. In(More)
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