Maryse Sundaresan

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OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to assess the relationship between ovulation induction, nulliparity, and ovarian epithelial dysplasia. METHODS This retrospective cohort study was performed in one teaching and one district general hospital in London. The subjects, 83 women who had undergone hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy and whose ovaries(More)
Morphological features of lesions conforming to the description of solitary necrotic nodules of the liver were compared with liver haemangiomata and necrotic tumour metastases in the liver. An origin in haemangiomata is confirmed for most of the lesions studied, although the necrotic nodule may represent the end stage of a variety of lesions. These lesions(More)
There is evidence that foetal body movements first occur at 6 weeks gestation, and that the reflex arc is functional at 8 weeks. This correlates with the detection of the sensory neuropeptides calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and substance P (SP) in spinal cord at 10 weeks gestation. However, the development of cutaneous neuropeptide-containing nerves(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between the expression of cell cycle and apoptotic proteins and the morphological appearance of the surface epithelium in non-neoplastic ovaries. METHODS The subjects for this study were 79 women who had undergone oophorectomy for benign conditions at the North Middlesex Hospital, London, and Royal Free Hospital,(More)
Anterior fontanelles from 19 fetuses over a range of gestational ages (from 8 weeks to full term) were obtained to study the anatomy and development in relation to the application of the principles of fontanometry. The most important feature was the development of an elastic membrane by 23 weeks' gestation; a subcutaneous layer of fat had appeared by 28(More)
Two cases where the sexual history proved important in reaching the diagnosis are presented. Case 1 concerns a 37-year-old HIV positive homosexual man, who presented with symptoms of rectal pain associated with bleeding. He was unsuccessfully treated for Crohn disease. A subsequent review of his sexual history led to investigations for venereal infections.(More)
Nodal status is one of the most important prognostic factors in breast cancer. Established tests such as touch imprint cytology and frozen sections currently used in the intra-operative setting show variations in sensitivity and specificity. This limitation has led to the development of molecular alternatives, such as GeneSearch, a commercial(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial mechanical parameters are modified in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), before and during pregnancy. This study tested the hypothesis that aortic mechanics and endothelial function are modified in the mifepristone-treated rat model of PCOS. METHODS Female rats injected daily with mifepristone or vehicle for 7-9 days were(More)