Maryse Pelletier-Hibbert

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AIMS This paper reports a study to identify the types of stressors experienced by in-hospital haemodialysis patients aged 65 years and older, and the use and perceived helpfulness of coping strategies to manage these stressors. BACKGROUND Chronic renal failure and its treatments impose a variety of physical and psychosocial stressors, which challenge(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the different types and numbers of coping strategies used by nurses who care for organ donors and their families during the anticipation, confrontation, and postconfrontation stages of the organ donation process. DESIGN Qualitative study. SETTING The home or work facility constituted the setting for the interviews. The nurses were(More)
This article presents an analysis of the experience of family members of individuals with chronic renal disease undergoing dialysis therapy. Themes are derived from interviewing family members regarding the sources of uncertainty experienced and the types of coping strategies used to manage the stress related to uncertainty. The sample consisted of 41(More)
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