Maryse Michel

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constant venous flow. The waveforms were defined as abnormal if shifts in frequency at the end of diastole were absent in recordings obtained from three different points on the maternal abdomen. A sample offetal blood was taken from the umbilical vein by cordocentesis, and the oxygen tension and pH were determined (figure). The degree of fetal smallness was(More)
PROBLEM To determine if patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriage have a deficiency of decidual immunosuppressor cells that produce transforming growth factor beta type 2, as has been found in mice with abortion due to rejection and/or trophoblast failure. METHODS Decidual biopsy specimens were taken as near to the placental attachment site as(More)
The course of rehabilitation in 11 young patients with craniopharyngeoma was investigated. With intelligence well-preserved, neuropsychological diagnosis revealed impairments in rate and persistence in virtually all patients; behaviour disorders were present in 8 of the 11 patients, with efforts to distinguish psychoorganic from psychoreactive causality(More)
BACKGROUND Octocrylene is a new emerging photoallergen. We report and discuss 50 cases of photoallergic contact dermatitis from octocrylene use and/or positive photopatch test reactions to this UV filter and draw attention to the unexpected association in adults with a history of photoallergic contact dermatitis from ketoprofen. OBSERVATIONS Patients were(More)
Biopsy specimens taken from the region of the placental bed were examined for the presence of phloxinophilic granulated mononuclear cells in women with a history of recurrent miscarriage and who would eventually miscarry a current pregnancy. They were compared with biopsy specimens from women with intact pregnancies presenting for elective termination of(More)
Placental bed biopsies were examined in three groups of pregnant women for maternal vascular response to placentation as well as for the presence of cells associated with local immunosuppression activity. In the group of women undergoing legal abortion, the histological appearance of trophoblastic invasion was normal in all but one, and the proportion of(More)
The purpose of this study was to verify whether a clinical tool used to assess balance deficits could be used to document the enhanced equilibrium skills of highly trained individuals. A sensory organization test (SOT) based on computerized dynamic posturography (Equitest Neurocom) was administered at two levels of difficulty (sway-reference gains 1.0 and(More)
In 50 children admitted to the Gailingen neurological rehabilitation clinic for children and young people following craniocerebral trauma to undergo several months of rehabilitative treatment, the process of regression of the neuropsychological disorders incurred has been systematically monitored. At the onset of in-patient rehabilitation the children under(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge, regarding sun protection, is essential to change behaviour and to reduce sun exposure of patients at risk for skin cancer. Patient education regarding appropriate or sun protection measures, is a priority to reduce skin cancer incidence. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge about sun protection and the(More)
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