Maryse Cloutier

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The peptide repertoire (peptidome) associated with MHC class II molecules (MHCIIs) is influenced by the polymorphic nature of the peptide binding groove but also by cell-intrinsic factors. The invariant chain (Ii) chaperones MHCIIs, affecting their folding and trafficking. Recent discoveries relating to Ii functions have provided insights as to how it edits(More)
Four different isoforms of the human invariant chain (Ii) have been described (p33, p35, p41 and p43). These heterotrimerize in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) before associating with MHC class II molecules (MHCIIs). However, the final stoichiometry of the Ii/MHCII complex remains debated. This is particularly interesting as both p35 and p43 include a(More)
Four invariant chain (Ii) isoforms assist the folding and trafficking of human MHC class II (MHCIIs). The main isoforms, Iip33 and Iip35, assemble in the ER into homo- and/or hetero-trimers. The sequential binding of up to three MHCII αβ heterodimers to Ii trimers results in the formation of pentamers, heptamers and nonamers. MHCIIs are required to overcome(More)
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