Maryse Cloutier

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The peptide repertoire (peptidome) associated with MHC class II molecules (MHCIIs) is influenced by the polymorphic nature of the peptide binding groove but also by cell-intrinsic factors. The invariant chain (Ii) chaperones MHCIIs, affecting their folding and trafficking. Recent discoveries relating to Ii functions have provided insights as to how it edits(More)
We have isolated a hamster adrenal P45OC11 cDNA which shared 90 and 84% homology, respectively, with the nucleotide sequence and the amino acid sequence of the hamster adrenal P450aldo. Both P450C11 and P450aldo cDNA coding sequences were inserted in the plasmid pBluescript SK, transcribed and then translated using a rabbit reticulocyte system in the(More)
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