Maryna Y. Bazylevych

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Vaccination anxieties grew into a public health issue during the 2008 failed measles and rubella immunization campaign in Ukraine. Here I explore how health care providers bend official immunization policies as they navigate media scares about vaccines, parents' anxieties, public health officials' insistence on the need for vaccination, and their own sense(More)
This article discusses how new gendered spaces are being constructed through the means of state-sponsored political propaganda visualized in political art, public images, and some iconic figures in socialist and post-socialist Ukraine. It investigates state-sponsored political art in various guises and gender discourses to argue that both regimes have(More)
This article re-considers the applicability of the concept of prestige by focusing on a post-socialist context as the site of particularly rapid social change and renegotiation of social relationships. I argue against the assumption that the biomedical profession in post-socialist societies is not prestigious. My ethnographic data suggest that the search(More)
WELCOME to the third annual Faculty Research Symposium at Luther College, designed to celebrate the wide range of creative and scholarly pursuits among Luther’s faculty and staff. Intended for a broad audience, this all-day event showcases the intellectual curiosity and cross-disciplinary dialogue that is at the heart of Luther’s liberal arts educational(More)
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