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Energy-Based Approach to Adaptive Pulse Shaping for Control of RF-MEMS DC-Contact Switches
This paper presents a closed-form analysis to design a pre-shaped open-loop driving actuation waveform to reduce the bouncing effect while maintaining fast switching of a microelectromechanicalExpand
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Predicting mask distortion, clogging and pattern transfer for stencil lithography
This paper addresses phenomena associated with stencil nanopatterning and presents the results of modelling and simulation studies for predicting the deleterious effects of mask distortion and clogging during pattern transfer. Expand
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State of the art in prediction of mechanical behaviour of microsystems [MEMS]
Behavioural models as analytical expressions relating loading parameters, material properties, and geometry of the microstructure with its performance characteristics are essential items in theExpand
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Integrated modeling of nonlinear dynamics and contact mechanics of electrostatically actuated RF-MEMS switches
In this work, a novel nonlinear dynamic model is developed to investigate the bouncing and deformation behaviors of an electrostatically actuated, ohmic-contact RF-MEMS switch. The model accounts forExpand
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Corrugated membranes for improved pattern definition with micro/nanostencil lithography
We present a MEMS process for the fabrication of arbitrary (adaptable to specific aperture geometries) stabilization of silicon nitride membranes to be used as miniature shadow masks or (nano)Expand
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Evaluation of Packaging Effect on MEMS Performance: Simulation and Experimental Study
The thermal cure required for die attach during microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS) packaging causes thermal mismatch that induces undesirable stresses and strains in surface micromachinedExpand
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A Microcantilever-Based Picoliter Droplet Dispenser With Integrated Force Sensors and Electroassisted Deposition Means
This paper introduces a picoliter droplet dispenser relying on an array of silicon microcantilevers. The microcantilevers bear fluidic channels, and liquid transfer is achieved by a direct contact ofExpand
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Modelling electrostatic behaviour of microcantilevers incorporating residual stress gradient and non-ideal anchors
The electrostatic behaviour of micromachined cantilevers incorporating residual stress gradient and non-ideal anchors is studied in this work. Using finite-element simulation data, behavioural modelsExpand
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Modeling, simulation and validation of the dynamic performance of a single-pole single-throw RF-MEMS contact switch
This work presents a low-complexity dynamic model of a single-pole single-throw (SPST) ruthenium contact radio frequency (RF) MEMS switch. The model is based on a fabricated switch geometry andExpand
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Distributed Adaptive Networked System for Strain Mapping
In this work, WSN and sensing technologies are combined to monitor behavior of a target object. Expand
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