Maryline Gardette

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Various iodo-acridone and acridine carboxamides have been prepared and evaluated as agents for targeted radionuclide and/or chemotherapy for melanoma, due to their structural similarity to benzamides which are known to possess specific affinity for melanin. Three of these carboxamides selected for their in vitro cytotoxic properties were radioiodinated with(More)
In recent years, there has been dramatic worldwide increase in incidence of malignant melanoma. Although localised disease is often curable by surgical excision, metastatic melanoma is inherently resistant to most treatments. In this context, targeted radionuclide therapy could be an efficient alternative. After pharmacomodulation study, we selected a(More)
The increasing incidence of melanoma and the lack of effective therapy on the disseminated form have led to an urgent need for new specific therapies. Several iodobenzamides or analogs are known to possess specific affinity for melanoma tissue. New heteroaromatic derivatives have been designed with a cytotoxic moiety and termed DNA intercalating agents.(More)
We previously selected two melanin-targeting radioligands [125I]ICF01035 and [125I]ICF01040 for melanoma-targeted 125I radionuclide therapy according to their pharmacological profile in mice bearing B16F0 tumors. Here we demonstrate in vitro that these compounds present different radiotoxicities in relation to melanin and acidic vesicle contents in B16F0,(More)
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