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We report here the development of a new method that allows continuous determination of the oxygen dissociation curve for microsamples (600 mul) of whole blood under conditions of pH, pCO2, methemoglobin concentration, and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate content closely approaching those found in the circulatory system. The method consists of gradually oxygenating a(More)
In the main experiment, subjects estimated the centre of five polygons in three variants: whole contour, only sides, or only corners. The perceived centre was closer to the area barycentre than to any other mathematical centre. Errors decreased as the number of sides of the figures increased. Larger mean deviations and variability were observed for the(More)
This study was designed to assess the effects of symmetry and plane of presentation on the determination of the perceptual center of flat figures. Experiment 1 demonstrates the existence of effects in improving center determination, both in the number of sides of the shape and in rotational and reflective symmetry (confounded in the experiment). Experiment(More)
HIV-Tat based vaccines have been proposed as an attractive option to prevent or treat AIDS. A vaccine to induce optimal anti-Tat neutralizing antibody responses was designed by inserting this protein, or its dominant B-cell epitope, into the CyaA vector, which targets dendritic cells (DC). Tat was inserted into various sites of CyaA, including regions that(More)
An analysis is presented of a phenomenological model of illusory contours. The model is based on amodal completion as the primary factor giving rise to the illusory figure. In the experiment, conducted by the method of paired comparisons, the same parameter was manipulated in two series of equivalent configurations. The first series yielded examples of(More)
In 4 experiments it was found that global frameworks and local distinctive figural characteristics influenced the perception of shape and of pointing. In Experiments 1 and 2, Ss were asked to mark the center of the middle figure in arrays of 3 aligned figures (either triangles or squares). Displacements of the center indicated a perceived deformation of the(More)
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