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Physicians used either an autonomy-supportive or a controlling interpersonal style to counsel smokers based on National Cancer Institute guidelines. Physician autonomy support was rated from audiotapes, and patients' perceived competence and autonomous motivation for quitting were self-reported on questionnaires. Validated point prevalences for 6, 12, and(More)
Self-determination theory (SDT) proposes a multidimensional conceptualization of motivation in which the different regulations are said to fall along a continuum of self-determination. The continuum has been used as a basis for using a relative autonomy index as a means to create motivational scores. Rasch analysis was used to verify the continuum structure(More)
Why someone exerts self-control may influence how depleting a task is. Feeling compelled to exert self-control require more self-control strength than exerting self-control for more autonomous reasons. Across three experiments, individuals whose autonomy was supported while exerting self-control performed better on a subsequent test of self-control as(More)
To assess the effects of discrepancy between two independent variables, investigators sometimes compute difference scores and correlate such scores with a criterion variable. However, the correlation of the difference with the criterion is accounted for by the correlations of the difference constituents with the criterion and the constituents' variances. It(More)
We examined construct validity and implications of scales that assess perceived control over controllable events (realistic control belief) and perceived control over uncontrollable events (unrealistic control belief). We found that people high in unrealistic control belief are less likely to discriminate between controllable and uncontrollable situations(More)
Examined cardiovascular and testosterone responses of dominant and submissive women to an acute stressor involving contested dominance. Twenty (10 dominant, 10 submissive) university students rated their dominance to a predefined reference group, participated in a task that involved debating with a trained technician, and were continuously provided with(More)
We examined the cardiovascular and testosterone responses of dominant and submissive males to an interpersonal challenge of dominance status. Twenty college-aged students rated their dominance to predefined reference groups and engaged in a debate against a trained technician. Throughout the task, they were continuously given false feedback regarding(More)
The study examines differential leucocyte counts in blood of asbestos miners and quarriers identified during the course of a community health survey comprising 693 men over 25 years of age of all occupations. Subjects in the asbestos mining and quarrying occupational groups were present in the lowest total leucocyte quintile in significantly greater numbers(More)