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Based on self-determination theory (SDT), this study proposed an extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in the context of e-learning service. In the proposed model perceived usefulness, perceived playfulness and perceived ease of use are predicted to be influenced by perceived autonomy support, perceived competence and perceived relatedness. Although(More)
Keywords: Self-determination theory Information technology Perceived organizational support Motivation IT acceptance and use Enjoyment a b s t r a c t Despite tremendous investments in information technology (IT), many technological interventions in organizations fail because employees do not fully accept and use IT. The present study explored how perceived(More)
To assess the effects of discrepancy between two independent variables, investigators sometimes compute difference scores and correlate such scores with a criterion variable. However, the correlation of the difference with the criterion is accounted for by the correlations of the difference constituents with the criterion and the constituents' variances. It(More)
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