Maryka Gaudio

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Facile acetylide transfer reactions take place between gold(I) complexes Au(C[triple bond]CAr)(PPh3) (Ar = C6H5 or C6H4Me-4) and a variety of representative inorganic and organometallic complexes MXL, (M = metal, X = halide, L, = supporting ligands) featuring metals from groups 8-11, to afford the corresponding metal-alkynyl complexes M(C[triple bond]CR)Ln(More)
Transition metal alkynyl complexes containing perfluoroaryl groups have been prepared directly from trimethylsilyl-protected mono- and di-ethynyl perfluoroarenes by simple desilylation/metallation reaction sequences. Reactions between Me(3)SiC[triple bond, length as m-dash]CC(6)F(5) and RuCl(dppe)Cp' [Cp' = Cp, Cp*] in the presence of KF in MeOH give the(More)
Elimination of AuX(PR3)(X = halogen, R = Ph, tol) occurs readily in reactions between compounds containing C(sp)- or C(sp2)-X bonds and alkynyl or polyynyl gold(I) complexes; this reaction has been applied to the syntheses of complexes containing a variety of metal centres linked by C(n) chains (n up to 16).
Reactions between HC triple bond CC triple bond CSiMe3 and several ruthenium halide precursors have given the complexes Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CSiMe3)(L2)Cp'[Cp'= Cp, L = CO (1), PPh3 (2); Cp' = Cp*, L2= dppe (3)]. Proto-desilylation of 2 and 3 have given unsubstituted buta-1,3-diyn-1-yl complexes Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CH)(L2)Cp'[Cp'= Cp,(More)
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