Marye Anne Fox

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The maintenance of life on earth, our food, oxygen, and fossil fuels depend upon the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy by biological photosyn-thesis carried out by green plants and photosynthetic bacteria. In this process sunlight and available abundant raw materials (water, carbon dioxide) are converted to oxygen and the reduced organic(More)
  • Lin Zhong, Wang, +37 authors Maureen O 'brien
  • 2005
PCAST " shall advise the President… on matters involving science and technology policy, " and " shall assist the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in securing private sector involvement in its activities. " The NSTC is a cabinet-level council that coordinates interagency research and development activities and science and technology policy(More)
An electrooptical memory effect is observed with solid thin films of the photoconductor zinc-octakis(beta-decoxyethyl) porphyrin (ZnODEP) sandwiched between two optically transparent electrodes. Upon irradiation with the simultaneous application of an electric field, electron-hole pairs are generated and separated within the photoconductive layer. These(More)
A family of dendritic tris-bipyridyl ruthenium coordination complexes incorporating two or four carboxylate groups for binding to a TiO(2) surface site and another dendritic linker between the metal complex and highly absorptive dyes were formulated as thin films on TiO(2) coated glass. The family included phenothiazine-substituted dendrons of increasing(More)
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