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An adult male domestic short-hair cat developed posterior paralysis 22 days after being vaccinated for rabies with a high-egg-passage Flury strain vaccine currently approved for use in cats. A diagnosis of rabies was confirmed by mouse inoculations, and viral typing using a panel of monoclonal antibodies demonstrated that it was vaccine induced.
Soft-moist cat foods contain 7 to 13% propylene glycol (PG) on a dry-weight basis. These diets induce Heinz body formation in feline RBC. In this study, we evaluated cats on a control diet and on a commercial diet containing 8.3% PG. All cats on the PG diet developed an increase in the number of circulating Heinz bodies. We then administered acetaminophen(More)
Obesity is commonly encountered in veterinary patients. Although there are various published dietary approaches to achieving weight loss, successful long-term prevention of weight regain has proven elusive. Adding environmental and behavioral treatment strategies to a weight loss plan may help the veterinary team, the pet, and the pet owner maximize the(More)
The equilibrium thermodynamics of [3H]etorphine and [3H]diprenorphine binding to rat brain membranes were studied. In the absence of NaCl, the binding of [3H]etorphine was endothermic (delta Ho = +2.31 kcal/mol) and driven by a large increase in entropy (delta So = +51.8 e.u.). Under similar conditions, the binding of [3H]diprenorphine was exothermic (delta(More)
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