Maryann MacNeil

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Traumatic brain injury poses significant and diverse challenges to rehabilitation efforts. Neurobehavioural deficits represent a particularly difficult barrier to rehabilitative progress and societal reintegration. Early studies have identified dopaminergic drugs such as amantadine, bromocriptine and sinemet as potentially assistive in countering these(More)
Contemporary equipment used for nerve conduction studies is usually capable of computerized measurement of latency, amplitude, duration, and area of nerve and muscle action potentials and resulting conduction velocities. Abnormalities can be due to technical error or disease. Identification of technical error is a major element of quality control in(More)
More than 300 laboratories participated in an interlaboratory survey of creatine kinase (CK, EC determinations in which they analyzed seven lyophilized samples for total CK and CK isoenzymes and furnished information about their methodology. The samples were not necessarily intended to mimic typical patients' specimens but rather to determine the(More)
In developing a Reference Material for alkaline phosphatase, we studied the stability, kinetic properties, and commutability of separate preparations of the purified enzyme from human liver, intestine, bone, and placenta. The Michaelis constants (Km) for the preparations from liver, bone, and intestine agreed well with the Km values we obtained for five(More)
We evaluated and compared three analytical procedures for measuring creatinine by testing pooled sera and sera from individual human subjects. In two of the methods, an enzymic and a conventional colorimetric procedure, creatinine was separated from serum proteins with tungstic acid and detected at 520 nm after reaction with alkaline picrate (Jaff#{233}(More)
Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were used to predict the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Patients were classified clinically as: (1) normal exam and no symptoms (169 hands); (2) having a motor and/or sensory deficit typical of CTS (115 hands); (3) having a history characteristic of CTS (156 hands); and (4) nondiagnostic symptomatology(More)
We evaluated the ability of three enzymes--N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG; EC, alanine aminopeptidase (AAP; microsomal aminopeptidase, EC, and gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT; EC adenosine deaminase binding protein (ABP) in urine to predict or confirm renal-transplant rejection in patients treated with cyclosporine. We(More)
Purpose: To compare white matter neuron density across 3 regions, prefrontal, temporal, and posterior parietal (PFC, TE, PP) in macaque monkey, with further analysis of subdivisions within the gyral white matter. Methods: Histological tissue from three adult macaque monkeys, previously prepared with the neuron-specific pan-neuronal marker Neuronal-N, was(More)
iv DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this work to my father-in-law, Mark, for his bravery while battling ALS. In 1962, the neurologist Macdonald Critchley stated " Nothing has been said about the possible role in etiology of the previous habit of athleticism. I have the uncomfortable feeling that a past history of unnecessary muscular movement carried out(More)
Welcome to this issue of the Anatomy & Neurobiology Newsletter. As we are well into Spring 2016 semester, we can begin to reflect back on some of the highlights of this academic year. First, we are very pleased to welcome two new faculty members to the Department, who was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department with Dr. Jennie Luebke and now Assistant(More)